Continuous sheet of paper moving through offset printer

Have you ever wondered how a book goes from an idea to something you hold in your hands? 



We invite you behind the scenes with some incredible facts and figures!  Each roll of paper measures 4,500 feet per roll and weighs almost 1,800 pounds!   A staggering 36,684 pounds of paper were used to produce the Old Testament and another 14,262 pounds of paper were used for the New Testament and went through 40 ink and water rollers.  The paper is processed through over 75 rollers in the folding delivery unit where sheets of paper come off the press to be cut by 10 tons of hydraulic pressure. Once the paper has been processed, 30 tons of pressure are used to stamp the crimson red cover of the Bible.  The finishing touches include 3,240 feet of white foil for the cross and over 5,000 feet of gold foil for words HOLY BIBLE on the cover.  In addition to the GPC’s community of artisans, believers and designers, the GPC NIV BIBLE was printed and produced in the New York City area in family owned presses and binderies who have been perfecting their crafts for generations. 

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